This is very frustrating, because I admit I am among the first to criticize inside my head if a web comic habitually takes unplanned breaks. It really is hard work to keep to an update schedule, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Sometimes passion isn’t enough, and now and then the thing you love feels like any other job. In those times you need discipline and good planning to keep you productive. And even if you have that (which I only do maybe half the time if I’m lucky), sometimes you get to a point where you are overwhelmed by a bunch of life events happening all at once, and suddenly even putting on pajamas at the end of the day becomes an insurmountable challenge.

And that’s where I’m at right now. Something has to give, and unfortunately that thing has to be the one thing in my life that does not directly link to my trip or any of the other things that are coming up quite quickly now. So there will be no new updates for the month of February.

Happily, though, traveling is one of the biggest positive influences on my creativity. Once I’m back from gallivanting around England, I’ll be both free and ready to get back to work. So think of this as one of those mid-season hiatuses that you didn’t know about until your PVR stopped recording new episodes, and look for updates to resume on March 15th!

And VOTE; each vote is an encouragement. I swore to myself I would never take an unplanned break, so I am feeling rather sheepish and less than stellar at the moment.