Over the weekend we had an emergency involving our dachshund. Some of you are fellow weenie-lovers who have found the site through my dachshund illustrations, so you’ll react with the appropriate horror to the acronym “IVDD.” Our beloved puppy, at a tender four years, now cannot use his back legs.

When we chose to get a doxie we just hoped he wouldn’t be one of the statistics, but hope and a little bit of knowledge can never prepare you for the shock when it happens. After facing one of our worst fears, and the painful dilemma of crate rest versus surgery, we’re trying to adjust to this new lifestyle of keeping him in his kennel, constantly medicating and supervising, and helping him go to the bathroom. Logistically and emotionally, it’s been very hard, and all routines have gone out the window.

He has some factors in his favor, thankfully. He can still control his bowels and hasn’t lost all sensation in his back end. He will need weeks or maybe months of rest before we’ll know for certain if he is improving, but there is a chance he’ll walk again. And the real kicker is, I don’t think he’ll mind either way. Dogs have such a great attitude.

So, until I get used to this new reality, comic production is on hold. I haven’t even been at my desk since the last update. It gets a little easier every day, so I hope you won’t have to be patient for too long. I’d like to get a page done for next weekend, but it’s too early to promise that. Either way, I’ll keep you updated, and you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook for your convenience.


A month ago – helpin’ me sew.