The comic is back!  Sort of.

How’s the dog?  He’s still recovering.  He staggers around like a drunken sailor and scoots when his back legs need a break, but he is very slowly improving.  There is still a lot of work to do to get his brain and his back legs properly communicating again.  Regardless, he has happily adapted to life without proper use of his back legs, and still does most of the things he enjoys–sleeping, eating, receiving belly rubs, barking at noises, and trying to catch squirrels (which is very funny to watch when your dog can’t use his back legs).

But people have a much more difficult time adapting than dogs do, I’ve learned.  It is still hard to see him this way, and my routine remains a mess.  There are days when I get a lot of work done, and days with constant interruptions.  And there are days when I simply have to put aside all projects and just breathe.  I think that’s normal for everyone, but with the extra emotional burden, everything seems much more difficult.

I dislike missing my updates and disappointing you, but I want you to have the pages as soon as I get a chance to finish them.  So I think the best choice is to temporarily make Stray Sod one of those “updates when it can” comics.

So what are the best ways to keep up with the comic if it’s schedule is going to be unpredictable for a while?

You can follow it on Facebook, Twitter, or tumblr to be notified of each update.

Or, if you’re like me and you like to save up a chunk of pages to read all at once, I recommend a site like Piperka or Comic Rocket.  They remember the last page you read, keep track of new pages added since then, and then rather than linking you to the latest page, they send back to next page you should read.  How did we ever follow webcomics before sites like that?

It’s good to be back, and there should be a new print issue coming this spring.  Thank you all for your patience!

Buzz thanks you, too: