The day before Issue #5 kicks off here on the website, I’ll be at the Panel One Comic Creator Festival in Calgary, Alberta.  This is a unique event that celebrates Canadian comic makers at all career stages.  It’s a mini-con permeated by a spirit of support, not competition.  And it’s even bigger than last year!

I’ll have a table where I’ll be selling prints, buttons, and comics… and yes, giving away Irish recipes (a big hit last year!).  This year, I’ll also be on two panels:

4:30 – Making a Book

5:30 – Historical & Cultural Comics

For more information on these and other very relevant comic workshops that kinda make me wish I wasn’t tabling so I could come take notes at all of them, visit the Events post on the Panel One website.

Then on Sunday, the comic will begin updating again, starting with the cover.  I’ll also be releasing any leftover Issue #4’s onto the web store.  And I’ll be letting you guys know how the two-month break went in the next comic post (spoiler alert: never as well as expected, but for mostly happy reasons!).