This Thursday marked the completion of Stray Sod’s fourth year online.  Each anniversary always makes me think about how important readers are to a comic, and how much farther I have gone because you all take the time to read and support this story.  Thank you for giving Stray Sod a chance to entertain and transport you.

As seems to be tradition, I have a new desktop wallpaper for you.  Since the púca has spent some more time in dog form lately, and dogs are pretty much the best creatures in the world, I felt a new púca wallpaper would be appropriate.

Choose your preferred resolution from the gallery!

I’d love to know what kind of extras you would like to see in the future when we celebrate milestones like this.  I’ve been doing wallpapers for a while, but I honestly have no idea if they’re all the rage they used to be.  Would you rather see an extra page of the comic?  A discount off the price of physical comics?  Some kind of behind-the-scenes bonus post?  Or something else I haven’t thought of?

Let me know how you’d like to be rewarded on these special occasions!