Next weekend, I’ll be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo from Thursday April 26 to Sunday April 29.

New for this year, all artists are in the Big Four Building.  If you’re at Expo, please come by and browse through all the passion and creativity.

I’ll be at Booth SP5104, second aisle from the far left as you enter the upstairs.  And I’ll be sharing a table with Boon Ceramics, a talented local artist who makes really cool nature-inspired designs.

I won’t have a new issue to sell this year.  Health and other life things have made Issue #5 really difficult to complete.  But I will have enamel stray sod pins that I made with Alum and Ink!

Whatever is left over from the cons will go up in my store, but if you’re not going to be at any of the same shows as me, they’re already up for sale in Alum and Ink’s store (you’ll get to shop her other amazing, adorable pins).  Whether you buy a pin from her or from me, you’ll still be supporting us both.