There is more than one kind of enchanted grass.  I found researching this area of mythology extremely confusing, because on the one hand you have féar gortach, the grass that causes insatiable hunger, and on the other you have the féar gorta, the Hungry Man, an emaciated figure that is sometimes blamed for causing famine and other times is said to appear during famine to see who is worthy of surviving by testing their generosity towards strangers.  And different sources attribute the same name to both, or invert the two names, so even now I’m not 100% certain I’ve used the correct term.

You can reverse the effects of hungry grass by eating right away.  Other sources say you can sprinkle bread crumbs on the grass or light it on fire, though in this comic that might get you in much more trouble.

I’ve only found “stray” and “hunger” recorded, but perhaps there are more kinds…?


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