I’ve added a new (belated) anniversary wallpaper to the gallery in honour of three years online! Hope you like purple…

Download your preferred resolution here.  I’ve also updated the previous wallpapers to allow for more choice in desktop size.


2016 Puca Wallpaper


Yes, foxglove is poisonous to animals (and humans!), but that ain’t no animal, so we’re good.  Foxglove does have some significance in fae lore.  For instance, some people believe the term came from the phrase “folk’s glove” as in the “wee folk”, or that it can be fed to a changeling to change them back into a human.  If you see foxglove nodding, it means The Gentry are passing by.  One source I found names it as a cure for fae grass (though in my story, it is not).

Do enjoy the wallpaper, and whether you’ve been coming back for three years or have just found the comic, thank you for reading!