For several years, We Talk Comics has brought local creators, publishers, and store owners together to discuss issues related to independent comics.  This September, I had the privilege to sit at that table with some very smart and talented people for the 5th Super Summit, and try to keep up with them.

I’m about as charismatic as a turnip, but otherwise the conversation was fantastic!  I took away a lot from that discussion, not the least of which was motivation and encouragement.

In this half, we talk about digital publishing, the struggle between getting things done and wanting things perfect, going for a one-shot story versus an epic series and how long fans will wait for the next installment of your story, and the dreaded social media.


Listen to Part 1 of the recording here: Part 1

Warning for language, don’t listen to it around your kids. 


I also recommend listening to the previous summits, accessible from the same link.  You’re likely to find some inspiration there, too!

Consider subscribing to the We Talk Comics podcast if you’re into comics as a reader or creator.  These guys know a lot, and they do so much for the local comics community.