Part 2 of the recorded 5th Comic Creator Super Summit has been posted, something for you to listen to when one of the webcomics you read doesn’t update.  😉

In the second half, we are joined by more guests and talk more about social media, webcomics, thinking outside the box to find readers, and other stuff!  Especially if you’re a fellow creator, you’ll find some encouragement and maybe a new idea or two here.  And I do talk a little bit in the webcomics section, shockingly.


Listen to Part 2 of the recording here: Part 2

Warning again for language, don’t listen to it around your kids. 


I also recommend listening to the previous summits, accessible from the same link.  You’re likely to find some inspiration there, too!

Consider subscribing to the We Talk Comics podcast if you’re into comics as a reader or creator.  These guys know a lot, and they do so much for the local comics community.