I hope everybody had a good winter break, however long it was!  We got so much snow here that at one point it felt like I spent a whole day shoveling, because I had to take breaks in between.  But the holiday definitely restored my health meter.

It’s been a while since the last comic page went up, so you might be wondering what’s going on?

Even if I haven’t been able to get a page finished for you guys, a lot of stuff has been happening behind the scenes.  I’ve had to take a new look at the script for Issue #6, and the rewrite is almost finished. I originally had Laisrén’s backstory included in that issue, but the pacing felt wrong for the events that will be happening.  It also occurred to me that Laisrén’s story was a missed opportunity in terms of thematical considerations, so it needs a revisit as well.

I’ve also been hard at work tweaking Issue #1.  It’s mostly word bubble changes, but in my ignorance/arrogance I didn’t draw or colour beneath the word bubbles, and now I have to fix each panel to accommodate new bubble positions.  I’m learning a lot.

And I’m collaborating with my good friend and owner of Alum & Ink to design an enamel pin for Stray Sod.  We are planning to unveil the finished product in time for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in April, and it will be available online as well as at my booth.

As always, follow me on social media to keep abreast of the updates.  I want to get a new page to you soon.  After all, Issue #5 has to be ready and printed in time for con season.  🙂