I forgot how much work it was setting up an online store!  The lack of time to spend on it, coupled with the desire to get you guys your physical copies, has really been a dilemma.  To add on to the pressure, I’ll be going on holiday in July and won’t be able to ship comics out during that time.

So the quickest solution has finally appeared to me.  I’ve taken down the Issue #1 listing, which is sold out anyway, and put up Issue #5 for sale.  You can get yours in my web store now!


Also of interest, Alum & Ink’s store is sold out of Stray Sod standard grade pins, so she is having a seconds sale!  These are pins with small defects that don’t affect their wearability, and they are a great deal!

If you’d still like a standard grade pin, I have some left here in Canada, also in my shop.  You can get one along with the latest comic!