It’s always the raven-haired maidens who are trouble in folklore.  So unfair.

Whew, we got Chapter 2 done!   If you find this to be a pretty inopportune time to end it, you’ll have to make sure you come back in the new year to find out what happens next!  (And come on, wasn’t the last episode before the season break in “Outlander” way worse?)

As I mentioned last week, I want to take two months to ensure Chapter 3 is solid and get some pages ready so we don’t run into updating problems as quickly as we did with Chapter 2.  My goal is to be back the first weekend in January, but to ensure you’re receiving the latest information you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you guys for coming back and reading the comic week after week!  I’m hoping to put up some non-comic content here during this break, so drop by now and then.  See you in 2015!

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