If you missed the announcement last week, you can have a read about the comic’s upcoming break here:  link

EDIT March 29:  As you may have seen on Facebook and Twitter, today’s page is going to be late.  I was all ahead of the game and then got a bad flu which terminated both my travel plans and all work on the comic.  To top it off, the transition from winter to spring in this part of Canada is turbulent and is really influencing my migraines this year.  There will be one more page before we go to hiatus, though, I promise!  Keep watch for it on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Piperka, Comic Rocket… whatever you like to use to follow Stray Sod!  I will also be posting a first look at Issue 2’s print cover, so look for that, too.  🙂

I love all the discussion about this page.  I’ve been waiting for this reveal for a long time, and now you’ve got me anticipating the future reveal that answers your new questions!

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