Hello, everyone! It’s June 4th already. That totally snuck up on me, and I have to admit I’m not nearly where I hoped I would be with the comic’s buffer updates.  But I’m not making you wait anymore!  This just means that when I go on vacation next month, we’ll have to take another short break.

When I paused the comic to get ahead in the work, stuff almost immediately happened, attracted to my spare time like insert-simile-here. But it was mostly good stuff; I got a surge of graphic design work one month, and then I was offered a new project that I couldn’t turn down. Ina and Laisren and Jienny (and that poor little pixie from the end of Issue #4) just sat in the corner for the most of the time.

When I did work on the comic, it seemed to be nothing but problems. For example, before I finish a script I’ll go through and do one last fact check, and I found a glaring problem that messed up some things. However, after a day of research, I found an even better solution than the one I had written in blissful ignorance. I can’t wait to draw it later in this issue.

And lastly, there are some Issue #4’s left over from con time, and they are live in the store!  You can grab yours now.

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