I’ve been so looking forward to giving you this page!  If you’re familiar with Irish mythology, what’s going on here might be familiar.  If not, don’t worry, we’ll get to this woman’s backstory eventually.  😀

I feel like when I explain why a page gets delayed it appears as excuses.  :S  There were a bunch of things this week, but here is the most pressing thing: I’m having computer issues.  It’s been building gradually, but I’m at a point where laying one last brush stroke on this page and saving it for the web took hours.  My screen keeps going black, the computer staying on but frozen so that the only thing left to do is a hard shut down.  So next week’s page will have to be delayed while I try some fixes I’ve found on the Mac forums.  I’m not sure how long it will take, hopefully only a week.  I’ll keep you all updated on Twitter.

If you missed it, there is a new anniversary desktop wallpaper which you can download from the gallery!

EDIT – Sep 22, 2017:  My computer will be away for repairs for the last week of September.  It seems to be my discrete graphics card, which activates every time I plug in my Cintiq or open up Photoshop, that is causing the crashes.  I’ll let you guys know via social media when I’m able to get back to working on pages.


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