So happy to be able to bring you some consistent updates for a while!

I’ve got a news post regarding the push to get these last pages done and the break I’m contemplating so I can focus on some behind-the-scenes stuff.  Basically, I’m taking a break after Issue #5 to get some important things in order so I can reprint the comics and make them available digitally.  Not sure when Issue #6 will start, but I’ll be updating on social media.


Research Notes:

The éraic (“ay-DIK”, the r is kind of rolled so it sounds like a “d”) was an interesting accidental discovery.  It first came up in a story I was reading–indeed, a lot of Irish folklore seems to me to deal with consequences and revenge.  But I soon learned the éraic was actually part of early medieval law in Ireland and was usually associated with reparations for loss of life.  I didn’t think the damage of a sprite’s wing would have quite the same weight as manslaughter, but as I went on searching, I couldn’t find a more appropriate term.

Einachlan, for example, dealt more with honour than blood guilt, and it sure wasn’t the sprite’s honour Ina offended.  Corpdir was a physical punishment, such as amputation–and maybe this is a spoiler, but the fae won’t be cutting off Ina’s net-swinging hand.  Hopefully any Brehon Law enthusiasts won’t flay me for muddying the use of éraic for my purposes.

Also, I’d like to assure my brother-in-law that I did not name a sprite after him on purpose.  It just seemed the natural place for an English-speaker to go from éraic.


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