I’m not so much amazed that time has flown, as I feel guilty for not updating the comic’s blog before now.

The first bit of news is that the Stray Sod pin has been re-issued! It needed some slight edits for the new manufacturer, but I have a hard time seeing the differences myself. They look fantastic, and you can get them in the store, or in person at the Calgary Expo.

The second news item is that, yes, I will be at the Calgary Expo at the “Figure 3 Illustations” booth, #5923 in the Big Four Building. This will likely be my only con of the year, so please be sure to come by if you were hoping to get Issue #5 or a pin. Here’s a map to help you find us:

And I’m sure you also want to know when the comic will be resuming. Unfortunately, I have no answer for you yet. So much time has lapsed between updates because my health has needed a lot of focus. Migraines are less of a focus now than my mental health. If I thought totally changing my diet to help the migraines was difficult, changing my thought patterns and other habits to combat depression is even more challenging. The pressure of multiple projects is overwhelming, so I have put on hold as many as I can. I will get back to making comics as soon as possible, because I really do miss it, and I am dying to show you what happens to Ina next.

Sometimes I do post little doodles and comics on Instagram, so you will get the most timely information about what’s going on if you follow me there.