When does the comic update?
On Sundays, when it can. You can follow me on social media, or use places like Comic Rocket and Piperka to conveniently keep track of updates.


Is this comic family friendly?
Yes! This comic’s content will remain PG. There is some flirtation, sibling drama, and the occasional fantasy monster.


How long will the story run?
Stray Sod is currently mapped out as a self-contained nine issue story.


Will it be available in print/ebook?
Yes!  Currently, I am self-publishing each issue out of my own pocket.  You can buy your copies here.  Stay tuned for information on purchasing digital issues.


How do you pronounce the characters’ names?
Laisrén: “lesh-RAWN”
Jienny: Just like “Jenny”
Ina: “EE-na” or “EYE-na”
Púca: “POO-ka”
Béfind: “bay-VEEN”

Learn more on the Characters page and The Fae page.


Why Irish faerielore?
I stumbled across a list of faeries in college while researching for an assignment, and wondered why there were different fairies in Ireland than in other Celtic countries. From childhood, Ireland has seemed more magical and mysterious to me than other places, so I began to look into it further. It turned out that while the mythologies of Celtic countries have many things in common, Irish myths and legends have been better recorded than any other Celtic region.  Very early Irish immigration has influenced the folklore in other places such as Western Scotland and the Isle of Mann.  The more I found out, the more fondness I developed for the Irish small folk and their mythological roots.

If you want to learn more, I have links to some of the most useful books I’ve read on the Resources page.


Are you Irish?
No. I was born in Canada to a family that is English and Scottish.


I like your work, how can I support it?
First of all, thank you!

The best way to support Stray Sod is to tell someone else about it. And that’s free to do!

Other ways to support Stray Sod for free:

  • Leaving a nice comment on the latest post is a great support. I read every one and it spurs me on.
  • Click on that Project Wonderful ad on the left. Every unique click makes that ad space more valuable, which makes more advertisers want to bid on the space.  The revenue earned goes right into advertising Stray Sod on other websites.
  • You can like it on Facebook and follow me on Twitter or Instagram.
  • You can vote for Stray Sod on Top Webcomics using the link at the bottom of each post. You don’t have to register to cast your vote, and you can even vote every 24 hours.  Comics that achieve higher rankings receive more eyes on them.

You can also buy the print comics, or purchase something from the resource page.


Is fan art okay?
Fan art is very welcome! Make sure that when you send it to me you include the name you would prefer to have credited, and a web address you would like me to link back to.


Can I translate your comic into another language?
Thank you so much for offering!  At this point in time I am not looking into translation.


What tools do you use to make the comic?
The comic is scripted in a simple word processing program.  I thumbnail the comic pages on paper with pen, then move on to Photoshop CS6 and a Cintiq 12WX. Often I will take pictures of myself in Photobooth to make sure I get poses or expressions right (although sometimes even then it doesn’t help). I use a brush called Stumpy Pencil for the line art, and Manga Studio for the panel lines and lettering. The font is freeware provided by Blambot.

You can see the process right here.


What’s the deal with your dog?
My dog is a mini dachshund with Intravertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).  He has had three episodes of disc herniation, two of which temporarily paralyzed him.  He has recovered each time with eight weeks of strict crate rest and pain management.  It is extremely distressing when these episodes occur, and at those times life revolves around vet visits, medication times, and bladder expressions.

IVDD awareness and care are now important to me.  To learn more about IVDD and find support if you’re going through it with your dog, visit Dodgerslist.com.


Why are you always sick?
It probably seems like I am.  I work with kids under nine, so I’m at ground zero for every germ that makes the rounds.  I also regularly get migraines caused by a variety of triggers such as weather, stress, posture (drawing), and screen time (drawing/writing/everything else).  Along with medication that helps about half the time, I am currently pursuing lifestyle changes to reduce the number of migraines I get, such as chiropractic care and massages.  The process is slow, and often conflicts with my love of making comics.