Hello everyone!

We’re winding down towards the end of summer now. For kids and teachers and other school staff like me, it means getting back to a regular routine, and maybe correcting that sleep schedule we allowed to skew out of whack. I still feel as nervous as a student going back to school, which is always fun.

Work on the comic has been lurching forward in awkward spurts as health and other work allows. I’ve been given the opportunity to work on some other great projects that offer payment, which goes straight towards my health care and keeping Stray Sod going. In between those projects, Issue #1 is getting closer to being re-released all the time.  I’m proud of the changes and how they signify the amount I am learning.

Issue #6 has received some helpful feedback from some great (read: “talented and brutally honest”) people, and I can’t wait to go into production once the other issues go through their edits.  I’m working on the cover art, though, because I’m too excited to stop myself.   I’ll reveal that later, so keep an eye out for it.

Earlier this year at the Panel One Comic Creator Festival, Chris from GeekNerdNet (the official media sponsor for the event) interviewed the creators, including me!

Here’s a link to my audio interview: http://www.geeknerdnet.com/blog/2018/8/10/panel-one-2018-talking-stray-sod-with-chelsea-crutchley

And I recommend listening to all the interviews, especially if you’re a creator–this was an inspiring crowd: http://www.geeknerdnet.com/feature-panelone-2018/

Many of these creators tackle really mature themes, so I can’t promise all the interviews will be PG. Maybe try them yourself first before letting your little ones listen.

Health-wise, my migraines have not been behaving, but I’ve been experiencing a few changes in how they manifest and progress. This can be a good sign, according to the physiotherapist. Time will tell.

Keep up with smaller updates and progress on social media, or stay tuned here for the big ones!