As I’m sure you’ve guessed, all planned appearances for the 2020 con season have been cancelled. I was particularly looking forward to going to VanCAF for the first time, but I’m planning for next year!

Because of all the online events happening, though, I thought it would be a good time to get a new store up and running. Big Cartel worked well for me, but now that I have more than five items, upgrading to the next tier is more overhead than I can afford. I’m planning to try a few other online storefronts, but for now, you can find my comics on Etsy!

And yes, Issue 6 is coming! Back in winter, when I got confirmation that I was accepted into VanCAF (a dream of mine for years), I brought out the script and got to work, planning to debut it there. When everything went sideways in the world, so did those plans, but work is still going ahead. Instagram is probably the best place to follow along with how things are going, and other things I’m working on to keep sane during this crazy time.

As always, readers, I am so grateful for your continued patience. Ina looks a little worse for wear but she’s hangin’ in there!