About the Story

Ina feels lost in her sister’s shadow. Jienny is pretty, likeable, and seems to take things away from Ina just by existing. But on a family vacation in Ireland, Jienny steps on a stray sod and disappears into the world of Irish fae.

Ina must push through her hangups to navigate an enchanted but dangerous world, and the only faery who acts at all helpful is the cloyingly charming Laisrén. But his goals don’t always align with Ina’s, and she knows her sister is running out of time.

Will Ina discover how to harmonize with the fae so she can find Jienny and heal the breach between them?


About the Artist

Chelsea Crutchley started drawing comics in elementary school as shorthand for the movies in her head.  Her dream was to be a Disney animator… or a pirate.  An education about history took care of the latter dream, and a teen animation camp cured her of the former.  But she still liked drawing comics, despite reading very few herself.  She ran her first webcomic in high school for fun–drawn on the back of discarded printer paper with pencil crayon and hosted on Keenspace–but never imagined she would later return to that world after art school.

Chelsea now has a Bachelor of Design from ACAD and is a freelance narrative artist.  Her home is in the prairies of Canada where horses still run free and the weather is as mercurial as a faery with a chinook headache. She lives with her family and a dachshund named Bazinga. When she’s not at her drawing table, she is working at an elementary school, surrounded by creativity, humor and imagination.


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