First of all, I wish this was a comic page, too! I’ve been very busy with paid work, migraines, and preparing for the nearest Canadian con. 🙂

Paid work is nice because it allows me to afford a small print run of Stray Sod Issue #3, which will be available at our booth later this month, and will be available in the online store in May.

Migraines are not so nice–I spent a total of a week of March lying in bed unable to do a thing. But instead of pursuing the drug route, which hasn’t been helping so far, I’m trying chiropractic care. I’ve been waiting for my first adjustment with a specialist, and although I try to be careful not to get too hopeful, I know far too many people who have been helped by this kind of care.

And lastly, con season is, I’ve agreed with the artists I share a booth with, the actual Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I’m back at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo April 28-May 1 at the Figure 3 Illustrations booth, number C05. That’s near the right-hand corner when you walk in the entry doors. This year, through discipline and a few late nights, I was able to get a piece done for the art book. A limited edition large print is going in the charity auction, and there will be smaller prints available for purchase at our booth. I can’t reveal the image before the show, but I was inspired by one of the Irish folktales I read in my research.

When things finally quiet down in May, I intend to finish some more pages for you guys. The script for Issue 4 has been burning a hole in my brain; I am so excited to show you what is in store for Ina now. Thank you for bearing with me during this dry spell. We’ll get back to our irregular schedule soon. 🙂