After a long delay, here is Chapter 4!

CCEE 2016 was the best year yet, and I loved meeting everyone who dropped by.  A lot of people were inquiring about the picture I drew for the art book, which was based on a story in Irish mythology.  If you missed it on social media, you can see the image and an abbreviated version of the story on deviantArt and tumblr.  I also picked up an armload of new comics and books to read which should keep my muse well fed (so long as I make time in my schedule to enjoy them).

Next weekend is a new, local gathering specifically for comic fans and creators from Canada.  I’m so looking forward to it, and if you will be in Southern Alberta on June 4th, check out the Panel One Comic Creator Festival.

Our dog is doing well.  His walking ability is improving, actually resembling walking more than hopping now.  He still needs some encouragement to go to the bathroom at scheduled times, but that schedule helps keep his bladder healthy and keep accidents in the house occasional.  We’re very happy, but he is now fighting a skin infection due to bacteria getting into an allergy rash.  Medication has brought the itch and redness down a lot already, but he has lost a lot of fur, making him look more scruffy than ever.

The comic will continue to update whenever it can, and you can follow me on social media to receive notification of each update.  Thank you for sticking with me!

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