Because most of you preferred having a new inks-only page over no page at all, here you go again!  I’d rather you get another page than no page, as well, because you guys are awesome and I want you to have more story.

I thought I was being really proactive by working hard on the page at the beginning of the week, knowing I’d be away this weekend.  But then something happened, and I don’t even know what.  When I went to make sure the new page was ready to go on the site on Thursday, I found the inking stage was only partly complete.  I could have sworn I’d at least finished that and could lay down some colours before I left.  It was the strangest feeling.

So, I finished the inks instead.  🙂  I’ll colour it when I get back, but not at the expense of the next new page.

In case you missed it, last Sunday the awesome folks at We Talk Comics released Part 1 of the Comic Creator Super Summit recording from last month, of which I got to be a part! Read the News post or just go listen!


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